【Xmasギフトに★】HERMES エルメス ハンドバッグ ケリー25 内縫い ローズサクラ スイフト ゴールド金具 展示新品 (HERMES handbag Kelly 25 Retourne Rose sakura Swift GHW[Exhibition new][Authentic])【あす楽対応】#yochika


HERMES エルメス ハンドバッグ ケリー25 内縫い ローズサクラ スイフト ゴールド金具 展示新品 エレガントバッグの最高峰、ケリー…女優からモナコ王妃になったグレース・ケリーが愛用したことからこの名がついた有名なお話ですね。







HERMES handbag Kelly 25 Retourne Rose sakura Swift GHW[Exhibition new][Authentic] Highest peak of the elegant bag, Kelly. Because Grace Kelly who became Queen of Monaco from an actress used it habitually, it is the famous story with this name. Normal Kelly carved a seal has horse's hoof marks to become the proof of the special order this time! Rose sakura with the explosive popularity that came up this time in 2015 S/S is available again! It is the hue that is a young girl suggesting light cherry blossom petals! In addition, the combination of gold metal fittings is very gorgeous. It becomes gorgeous suddenly at a moment to have it in its hand. Swift of the touch that the material does not have a surface irregularity, and is soft on mat. It is this leather charm that deep taste comes out while you uses it. It is the best combination to be able to be called the brand itself of Hermes. This Kelly which was hard to met it. It is time to buy now! Please examine it at this opportunity. 状態 (Condition) 展示新品/Exhibition New 色 (Color) ローズサクラ (Rose sakura/3Q) 素材 (Material) スイフト (Swift) サイズ (Size) 25(W:25cm H:19cm D:9.5cm)バッグ重量:500g ※サイズ表記は商品実物の実寸となります。


金具 (Buckle) ゴールド金具 (Gold hardware) 付属品 (Accessories) 箱・保存袋・鍵・カデナ・クロシェット・レインカバー・ショルダーストラップ 備考 T刻印(2015年製造) 商品状態詳細 (Product Details) 展示新品/Exhibition New ・長期保管品・角スレ・金具に小キズ *Long-term keeping item.*Attrition corners.*Scratches buckles. ※その他気になる点はお気軽にお問合せ下さい。

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